Aug 182015
Lingo @ Aisle 5 - 9/25/2015

After our show in Atlanta on Friday, September 25th at Aisle 5, we’ll be taking a break from making music.

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When Lingo started back in 2004, we were sure that we’d be making music together for the rest of our lives, so we put all of our energy into the band. Through band members and booking agents coming and going, we still pushed forward and continued to put 100% into the band. Each change motivated and inspired us to keep moving forward. Recently, life changes have made it so that we are unable to put 100% into this band. Justin is pursuing another degree; Alex is working a new job as a high-school teacher; Tony and his wife are newly parents of a baby girl; Greg is working on new musical projects and traveling often; Groover is busy as a studio musician and also working on new projects. Lingo was never meant to be something that we put less than 100% into, so it feels right to temporarily put our music on the back-burner.

Thank you all for supporting us throughout the years. So many of you familiar faces became our friends, and we appreciate you for that. We hope to see you all on September 25th for another funky Lingo get down.

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